The Hottest Insurance Apps

Not a lot of people are into insurance applications but many do not know how much easier insurance apps can make their lives. Take for example: claims. Now, claims can be a little bit of a nuisance. There are a lot of details to consider. Whether it’s for your home or your vehicle, having an insurance app can be handy when you need it. Below is a collection of insurance apps to consider before making your final decision on which one suits you best.


Vurgood has the perfect app if you happen to have recently wrecked your vehicle. The app is completely free to use. Record important information and keep everything well organized with iWrecked. This application allows the user to be directed to information needed after an accident has occurred. This is especially handy if there is an injury as Vurgood has implemented a one-touch emergency dialing option. It can even connect you with local taxi companies and towing services should you need them. Everyone should have this app if they commute or do a lot of traveling in general. iWrecked is available only on Android phones but soon to be released on iOS.


Similar to iWrecked, WreckMate records all necessary information in the event you should find yourself in a car accident. The main page offers several options: you can view your current accident, view all accidents, or edit your profile which contains your policy information. You can also take photos of the event which is accessible through an option along the bottom of the screen. In the same area, there is also a location option so you can record where the accident occurred. It’s definitely an application you’ll want to keep on your phone should you ever need it.

Art App

Progressive has a rather fun application for iPhone users. If you happen to like art, you can use Progressive’s insurance app to browse all sorts of the company’s art collections. Options include allowing users to zoom in on details, create a slideshow, make your own gallery, or share artwork with your friends or family. This application is a must for art lovers.