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Celebrating  39th Anniversary of Team Canada 72 Victory, Former Leaf Stanley Cup Winner Ron Ellis Announces Leafs Broadcasts Coming To FM 90.5 Plus Peterborough Charitable Initiatives
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Your Candidates Answer Your Questions - Live Debate On Monday @ 9 am On FM 90.5
Hear What Your Vote Will Do - Election Coverage Every Hour,
Multiple Debate Broadcasts
Mon. Sept. 26 - 9 am - Live Debate from FM 90.5 studios.
Wed. Sept. 14 - 6 pm - Broadcast of Tues. Sept. 13 debate for Peterborough and the Kawarthas Association of Realtors Inc. and Peterborough and the Kawarthas Home Builders Association

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Monday September 19, 2011- 6pm to 8pm
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BIG NEWS!   Russelle Toyota Saves The Peterborough Petes Broadcasts - And They're On FM 90.5 Beginning This September - click and read the story by our friends
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September  2011
$20,000 Available As Community Club Awards' Turn-In Dates To Be Announced
Tell Us What You Want To Hear On Air, As
Preparations Begin For Local Call-In Shows On Matters Of Local Importance, Faith & Family...

FM 90.5 is preparing to introduce local call-in and other talk programming on local matters of public importance, faith and family.

      Tell Us What Topics You Want To Hear On Air -

In addition to the issues that Peterborough wants to talk about, you'll be inspired as Peterborough people share their own stories about how Jesus Christ has helped them successfully deal with faith, family and relationship issues such as how to get along with your spouse, raising your kids without tearing your hair out, overcoming adversity and finding greater purpose in life.

You'll also find inspiration, hope and comfort with uplifting Christian talk and bible teaching programs through the day.

Clubs and service organizations now representing more than 17,007 citizens in the City of Peterborough and immediate surrounding area, have registered with FM 90.5 to earn their share of $20,000 in cash awards for their treasuries by shopping at local merchants.  See details for the FM 90.5 Community Club Awards.

May 2011
MORE Radio "Firsts" For Peterborogh

We are grateful for the opportunities to have provided the following services to Peterborough during the federal election campaign...
1.  The only Peterborough radio station to broadcast election news EVERY HOUR through the campaign.

2.  The only Peterborough radio station to broadcast multiple federal election debates.

3.  The only Peterborough radio station to produce and broadcast its own federal election debate.

4.  The only Peterborough radio station to go pretty much "wall to wall" with election coverage from morning through to Harper's victory speech in the wee hours of the following day.

5.  The only Peterborough radio station to broadcast poll by poll results until the final count that night.

6.  The only Peterborough radio station to broadcast the respective concession and victory speeches by the Official Leader Of The Opposition and the Prime Minister.

December 2010
Three Radio "Firsts" For Peterborogh

1.  All Christmas, All The Time - Through December, FM 90.5 broadcast all Christmas music around the clock, until midnight, Dec. 31.  We hope you relaxed, refreshed and rejoiced this Christmas season, with music filled with the message of faith, hope and love.

2.  Local News Every Hour - FM 90.5 became the only Peterborough radio station broadcasting local news every hour.

3.  The first radio/CD release by Peterborough's Whitney Paget - O Holy Night.  Whitney is one of our 2010 FM 90.5 Christian Music Talent Contest winners.  The song was heard daily through Dec. 31 on FM 90.5.

October  & November 2010
Station Began
Test Signal Broadcasting

Greetings From Andy McNabb, CEO - McNabb Broadcasting/FM 90.5 
(full text originally published Oct. 2010 when the station's test signal launched - edited for brevity on Dec. 17, 2010)
Thanks Be To God, With Whom "All Things Are Possible" (Matt 19:26)

FM 90.5 began test signal broadcasting at 4:05 pm, Thurs. Oct. 14, 2010, featuring "Stronger" by Hillsong:  


Sam McKnight of McKnight’s Fine Flowers and Gifts gently told me in the summer of 2010 that “there will be challenges, but that’s okay…there will be setbacks, but that’s okay”.  I admired his patience, but I didn’t think I’d need it.


The Great Adventure
Little did I know that we would lose our dearly loved Vice-President, Don Currie, in a continuing leave of absence due to family health challenges, or that there would be five separate transmitter site installation windows that got postponed due to circumstances beyond anybody’s control – including having to switch towers, multiple lightning storm days, and the death of our master contractor’s wife – that caused a total reallocation of the resources of time, people and money, and replacing and rescheduling up to 10 people’s crews to get the job done.  


Yet God is working all things together for good, and we’re now on the air.

With Thanks To You!
Many thanks for your support, your patience, your prayers, and your encouragement in coming alongside us for this journey.  May we be at least as much a blessing to you, as you and your relationships are to us.

And the great adventure is just beginning.  We look forward to serving you - always feel free to tell us what you want your local radio station to do to meet your listening needs and how we can best meet the needs of the people of Peterborough and area.

May God bless you and prosper you,

Andy McNabb

McNabb Broadcasting/FM 90.5 Peterborough

Twenty thousand dollars available for Peterborough non-profit clubs and service organizations.

Million dollar sales results for advertising clients, documented and guaranteed.  

- Club Registrations Still Welcome -

For More Information, Go To The Community Club Awards Page 
Or E-mail CCA Director Kathy Farley With
Your Name, Organization Name & Phone Numbers

Or Call Kathy At The Radio Station At 705-874-0905

 Keeping Peterborough InformedTM

Local News Every Hour,
Good News All Day
- Broadcasting The Powerful Message Of 
Faith, Hope & Love -

Free - Get thousands in local advertising and on-air interviews for your favourite church, charity or not for profit (NFP) organization - see "Free Advertising And On-Air Interviews", below.

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News:  News<at sign here>
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Community Club Awards:  KFarley<at sign here>

993 Talwood Dr., 2nd Floor
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K9J 7R8
Office (direct):  705-874-0905

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Mission Statement For FM 90.5
Connect, inform and inspire the people of Peterborough.  

That means give them a voice.  Deliver local news every hour, plus local call-in talk shows, plus Christian faith and family talk programs. 

Rationale For FM 90.5
1.  Peterborough wants compelling, intensely local news every hour and local, call-in talk shows every day  that connects people to each other, that informs them about what's going on, establishes common ground, builds understanding and catalyzes people to take greater action in community endeavours.

2.  Peterborough is one of the highest-churched areas per capita in all of Canada - 35% more churches per capita than the rest of the country. 

3.  The church is local, therefore it needs a local voice - the station will reflect local interests, giving local people a platform to contribute on matters of faith and family.

Programming For FM 90.5
1.  Local news, every hour.

2.  Local, call-in talk shows (local issues, plus faith and family themes) every Monday-Friday.

3.  Twice daily death notices.

4.  Free advertising for your favourite charity/not-for-profit organization.

5.  Uplifting, inspiring, Bible teaching and Christian talk programs.

Free Advertising And On-Air Interviews For Your
Favourite, Local Charity/Not-For-Profit (NFP)
1.  35 Free Interviews In 7 Days, As We Devote A Week To Your Favourite Charity/NFP:  A different charity/NFP each week - 35 broadcasts of free, daily interviews to draw people to your cause.  Promote your events, success stories, vision, mission, values, beneficiaries, recruit volunteers and donors. 

2.  Free - $600 In Commercials:  Your favourite charity/NFP gets $600 in additional, free charity/NFP advertising.  Use the ads for fundraisers, etc..

3.  More Free Advertising:  In exchange for your being a volunteer reporter, producer or talk show host (full training provided).  See "How To Get Extra, Free Advertising" below.

FM 90.5 reserves the right of final approval of selection of charities and NFPs for the above initiatives, as well as that of the on air, online and promotional content being used in relation to the radio station.

How To Get Extra, Free Advertising For Your Favourite Charity/NFP (Updated 110303)
Extra, free advertising for your favourite charity/nfp is available if you become a volunteer reporter, talk show host or producer.  This can lead to paid positions.  Full training provided.  Interested?  E-mail

1.  Reporters - Part & Full-Time:  Each local news story you produce that we air on the station gets your favourite charity/NFP an extra $50 in free advertising.

2.  Talk Show Hosts &/Or Producers:  Addressing issues of public concern, faith and family.  You'll host or produce one call-in talk show/wk. (1.5 hours), plus about three hours of preparation time.  Your favourite charity/nfp receives an additional $600/mo. in free advertising if you host or produce one show/wk.